Fall in love

with your

love life.

I help high achievers

excel at dating.

I am your high school nerd that went ​to Stanford and Harvard and "had it ​all"... but truly, I wanted to find love.

After years of online dating and ​blind date set-ups, I finally figured ​out how to love myself and love ​dating...and that's when I met the ​love of my life.

Everyone can find love but only if ​you enjoy yourself and the process.

I will help you do it.

My approach:

I keep it very real. No BS.

First, we work on you.

Then, we get you out there.

We gamify dating so you have fun.

Every date is your chance to grow.

You'll become so attracted to yourself ​and find attraction in others.

Call me, if you're ​committed

to make it work.

Like you, I am a busy professional ​and onboard very few clients at a ​time.

I charge $5000 for 12 weeks.

Get weekly calls and unlimited texts.

I will change how you ​think about dating.

"Ravneet inspired me ​to believe that love is ​really out there for ​me. I wouldn't have ​gotten back on the ​apps if it wasn't for ​her."

"Ravneet changed my ​life. She is the reason ​I met my wife after a ​nasty breakup."

"I hated online dating ​and stopped doing it ​altogether. I literally ​had no idea how I'd ​ever find a partner. ​Ravneet made it fun ​to date again."

"I love how Ravneet is ​no B.S. She helps me ​see myself and my ​sh*t more clearly, ​which was the first ​step to getting out ​there after a string of ​bad first dates"